Swiftcut CNC Plasma Machines have taken over the light industrial

sector with nearly all small to medium workshops having a system.

Browse our different range of new and used swiftcut machines.

Used Swiftcut for sale in ireland

Used Swiftcut Plasma | 2014 Mk 2

Description Used Swiftcut CNC Plasma for sale 
CAD / CAM package with mach 3 - solidworks
Hypertherm Plasma unit for mild steel cutting 
Extras available - Marking Head

Used Swifty Plasma CNC

Description Swifty CNC Plasma
Used affordable CNC Plasma  
New Mach Software 
Max cutting thickness 8mm mild steel

MK3 Swiftcut CNC Plasma

Description Used MK3 Pro300 Swiftcut
Hypertherm Powermax 45
Swiftcam and filtration included
Max cutting thickness 12mm mild steel